My Modern Beach House Build

Hey, this is a project I have been working on for a long time. The Beach House consists of over 300 canvas blocks and a number of workshop items both imported by myself and taken from the workshop.

If you have any tips/ideas on how I can improve, feel free to comment below :smile: :wave:t2:


pretty good build. i would add some npc like a bartender who works for you. You also can add some small detials on the walls because it looks kinda dull. Add some pictures or shelfs where you can put more plushes or other items.

I was thinking it looked really well. It’s inclusive while being minimalist. That said, however, I do think it’s too white on the walls BUT that is what beach houses usually have. It would have been cute to have your little boat in the water =3

This looks great! Good job!

Nice work! The aerial screenshots look like a Sims 4 build, which I mean as a compliment lol. Also that raised bed platform with the couch on the end is super cozy!

Really slick build. I love the realistic theme you choose.