My inventory items I cant wear them

I bought a jetpack as an example but when I press q it shows I have no items.

The only items I can use are for the condo.

It does show in the main inventory page I own and have the jetpack but as I said the part you equip it shows no items at all.

What can i do?

There are two menus that pop up when you hold down “Q”, you might be only looking at the bottom menu. There is a menu on the top that contains wearables, such as the jetpack.

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When I press Q the jetpack is not in the bottom one or the top one.NOTHING is in the top one.

The only items I can use are for the condo and they are the only items in my inventory I can access pressing Q.

In the main inventory page it shows I own the jetpack but that is not the part you equip it Q is.So I am screwed.

It still sounds like you’re using the bottom menu right now. Does it look like this?

If you click here, it’ll hide the bottom menu on your screen:

The bottom menu is only for placing or selling items really, so you won’t be using it at all to equip things like jetpacks. You’ll be using only the top menu for that.

Jetpacks are considered a wearable, so first you need to go to the top of your screen and click this button to go to the Wearable Hot Bar.

After that you’ll find a button here for your jetpacks:

Now you’ll drag the jetpack into one of the wearable hotbar slots to use it.

Hope that helped!

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It does not help because there is nothing up there.It clearly is a bug or something is wrong.

There is no item under wearable hot bar.

Here is proof of what I am talking about.One photo shows I own the jetpack and the other photo shows I cant access it or anything in that top part.

See look there is nothing there.Can I talk to someone who works on the game is that possible?

You wanna click the jetpack tab in that menu, it’s not under the weapons tab

Yeah in that last screenshot you’re still looking a the weapons tab. You need to click the button that says Jetpacks to see your jetpacks. Or alternatively the one all the way to the right that says All.

Edit: Here’s another screenshot.


The first time I went to that page I did check all and there was nothing there but this time I checked all like you said and it was there.

Thank you though would be better for players if it was default on all instead of weapons but I am happy it is working now.