My House Condo on Sims 3

So basically I was in need of an upgrade in my TU House, and I just couldn’t bring up something to upgrade on furniture or decoration, so I decided to re-create my house on Sims 3 and use this as a blueprint of that said upgrade and see what things I can change from my previous House post, and it was a little painful but this is as far as I could re-create, most of the things are changed because that’s what I want to change in Tower Unite. I used my post as a base/guide:

So yeah, here goes the screenshots!


Dining Room




Basement Bedroom

Basement Studio

Basement Bar

VIP Room

WIP Square Room for TU use

So yeah, this is a little silly and dumb, but I wanted to share it with you guys :smiley:

I’m out, bye bye


Damn it, I knew I was forgetting something, the garage. Oh well.

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Nice Job!, i honestly was expecting something like this, and it looks good!

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