My GMTower Condo

Hey everyone, I recently reset my beautiful condo as I kinda removed it so I could just get money, I didn’t use it much after Tower Unite alpha came and I got other games.

Anyway to the pictures.

Condo Enterance
This is my entrance, I filled my Condo with ALOT of posters, also with the serious amount of dolls I won.

Condo Hall
This is my condos hall, I have a bar a nice table with some chairs, with the kitchen in the back

Basement Bar
This is my basement, there used to be a TV there but I found out you can only have 1 TV on a time (please change that in Tower Unite) I sometimes hang out with friends here, its a nice place just to hang out and relax

2nd Basement Bar
Another photo that is behind the bar table just to show a few posters and the stairwell to the top, and showing the purple style

This is my office, where I do things from playing games to watching youtube, I tried to make the desk as me as possible with my Portal cutout and a few more items

My simple bedroom with my dresser and trophy cabinet, and thats it…

Holy moly! I have a pool (Yes, I did spent 50,000GMC on a pool) Its a nice place to relax with my friends, its also a nice place to drown hostages.

2nd Show Of Hall
Another photo showing my hall, with my balcony with 2 tables and my television area. (please ignore the dead body on the floor)

The beautiful cinema, complete with a bar and 3 luxurious chairs, and an Ultra HD TV screen. Its a great place to relax and watch a movie or two with friends.

2nd Cinema Photo
Another angle of my cinema showing the TV and the chilling chairs with tables, ahhh pure class.

3rd Condo Hall
This is a photo simply showing everything in my condo hall, it has the following features. Ahem, Table with Chairs, TV Area, Condo Enterance, Posters (alot), Bar, Kitchen, Fireplace and a few more things.

Thanks for taking a look of my condo, hope it gives some ideas for Tower Unite furniture and maybe some ideas of what to make, I used alot of other peoples condo’s design and I would like to thank them.

( I don’t know what design I used from people… Sorry :frowning: )


Well that escalated quickly…