My friend still can't join!

On the first forum, I made a post about how my friend can’t join, because he would crash at digital-7. Someone answered, saying that he had to download every font, so we did that. THEN he was crashing on spritesheet.png. We fixed that problem, after searching old forum posts. Then, it crashed at retrieving server info, which I didn’t know how to fix. Can anyone help? Also, there’s this one font I can’t seem to find, one guy gave me a link, but I accedentally copied something else to clipboard. (I also have two computers.) The font is TODAYshop BoldItalic and TODAYshop Medium.

I know what you mean. I have a friend that still hasn’t been able to join as well due to post-workshop errors, and we never really understood why it happens.

If it is any help, here are the various TodaySHOP fonts.

Alternatively, you can turn off downloading custom files from servers, but your friend may see missing textures in place of icons, and everything will have the default fonts.

Options -> Multiplayer.

Search the internet for the the font “Digital 7”