My Files (I Remembered) from my Dead Hard Drive

here are all of things that i remember making/got files from my dead hard drive, most of them will never see the light of day:

  1. A Hat in Time Mods – Jellyfish Fields A, Worlds of Dreams, Spooky + Radical Climb and Zip Road
  2. Tower Unite Video Recordings – Easter Eggs, Developers in the Servers and The Bone Zone Season 2-3
  3. Dash Engine (Sonic Fan-Made Unreal Engine 4) Maps – Speed Highway, Green Hill, Windy Valley and Emerald Coast
  4. My Old 3DS Pictures
  5. Fan-Made Game Cover Arts – Sonic X-Treme Trilogy, Spongebob Spong-Mazing Trilogy and Super Mario Jump-Up Trilogy
  6. SFM Videos (Collab Entries) – Heavy Finds Slenderman (Heavy Odyssey Collab), Foxy Vs Saitama (10 Seconds Collab), and Engineer is Moth Lamp (Scout Is Delicious 10 Year Anniversary Collab)
  7. Music Mashups – 7 Smash Nation Army Ultimate (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Seven Nation Army), Seven Nation Lifelight (SSBU Lifelight x Seven Nation Army), Endless, Superstar! (Endless Possibilities x Jump Up Superstar) V1 & V2, We Are Number One (Deadly Six Theme Mashup) and Break Free (Super Mario Odyssey) x Egg Reverie (Sonic Mania) Mashup
  8. Bumper Engine (Sonic Fan-Made Unity Engine) Maps – Green Hill, Jellyfish Fields, Windy Valley and Westopolis
  9. Sonic World Mods (Menu Themes) – Mekazoo, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic GDK and A Hat in Time
  10. Sonic Generations Steam Controller Hub Mod V1 and V2
  11. Sonic Mania Mods – Ashura Dark Reign Sounds and Egg Reverie x Break Free (Super Mario Odyssey) Mashup
  12. My Old Videos
  13. Video Recordings – Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces
  14. Dante’s Entire Let’s Play and MC FNAF Roleplay Videos
  15. Team Fortress 2 Video Recordings – Scout’s VA as Scout in the Servers and Death Run PlayStation Testing Map

for those who don’t know already:

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better luck next time

At least we have some Bone Zone recordings already on YouTube. Ask Alexer if he can get all of the streams he did of Bone Zone uploaded to YouTube.