My english


Can anyone rate my english by looking on all my posts? Twice a week i go to the English course.

Sure thing bud :slight_smile:

“Nobody knows. Interesting idea. 3 hours left to donate old tower.”
3 hours left to donate to old tower*

“Wow, he was good men. What about building his grave in TU? He was really… you know.”
Men is for multiple people, it would be “he was a good man”

“Hai guys! So im creating polish support for Tower Unite. Soon well advertise on Youtube. As you can see on GMod Tower there are many Polish players. Now i want to show them that TU is a great game. What we can change on our forums? Do you like it?”

It should be “What can we change on our forums”

“But what if the host will lost connection? Players will be transported with same person from same Lobby?”

Here it would be either “what if the host lost connection” or, “what if the host will lose connection”

Otherwise it’s all very good :slight_smile: You speak english very well

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Thank you. Sometimes i make small mistakes :smile:.

I think your English is pretty good. Not everybody can aim to speak it perfectly though, especially we foreigners :smiley:


But, for being a “Polak”,

9/10 - not many polish people are able to speak English, and you’re doing a pretty fine job doing it - you just “Eat” some of the words from time to time and ignore some of the common grammatical rules like the upper-case I

Hah, but when i`m on German lesson I always write “Ich” like this in the middle of sentence.

Gotta agree with butilka4, for a polish person, your English is really good, compared to the average of a polish person’s English.

I always thought you were a native speaker. I make small mistakes every now then.

Some native speakers are much much worse than you are, so don’t fret about it.


Exactly this. Don’t worry about small things @xSkyer