My cinema server - Can't watch videos in full screen!

Hey I have a brand new server up and running off of only workshop items and noticed that I cannot use full screen mode to watch videos. I enter full screen and I see the status bar and title like its full screen but the video never plays I just see the theater screen and it becomes black. Why is this happening on my server I’ve done everything right to my knowledge.

Are you referring to the GMod Cinema?

If you’re talking about the Cinema gamemode in GMod, make sure you are running the Chromium beta of GMod. You can enable this by right clicking Garry’s Mod in Steam, going to properties > betas and then select chromium.

yes im talking about cinema game mode. And I was running the 86x betat I switched to chromium to see if that worked but it doesn’t… maybe its a map issue? Im running amedia cinema