My Alpha feedback

Hello, so after 78 hours in game - which was a great time for me, here is my feedback…

I understand character creation is still in development, but can we please get more manly man character model? I feel like there is only 1 gender…

getting started:
When i logged in 1st time i classically had no idea what to do…There was not even simple text to guide my 1st steps… like “you earn money to upgrade your condo and make yourself look different” “you can earn money by theese ways…”“you can buy furnisments for you condo in this shop” or "if you want to play bowling you go inside this building… " - it would be great to have some kind of light tutorial even just a pop up messages, nothin fancy…
Same goes for minigames…

After i figured out all the basics, i felt like i want to fill my condo with awesomness…So my first thought was how to get money… fast… fastest… to make my condo awesome…fastest possible ( bcs that is how me as an MMORPG Gamer thinks… ) - i tryed Golf and other games from menu… minigames from the plaza… i felt like i still could do better … so i went to casino and tryed the machines and quickly figured out that Grand Quest is the most OP thing in the game for me…
dont get me wrong Grand Quest is cool machine… the problem of it is that, its the only thing that gives you so much money, with 100% chance if you spend enough time to get the jackpot ( max 3 games )… so my gameplay since then looked like this… - 3 hours of Grand Quest, 1 hour of condo editing, 3 hours of Grand Quest, 1 hour of condo editing and so on… i played maybe 10 hours of minigames and other stuff ( from the 78 total hours i played the game ) - which is not right in my opinion,…just bcs Grand Quest is IMO too OP and gives you so much money, it makes other stuff not worth to do if you need money

Condo building is great… altho there were few hickups for me… like object placement … sometimes i would like to sink the object in the floor or in the ceiling but i cant bcs its snaping to floor…( maybe i just missed a keybind ? )
I miss only 1 item - dj mix pult with stand for tablet mediaplayer… since you can make awesome dancefloors with laser shows, and lounges… but there is no DJ to play stuff…

Media Player:
When in my Condo and somebody visits me, and we want to listen to music or watch youtube there seems to be problem with sync… - like when i ( as admin ) press play on media player everybody in condo should start and hear the same thing i do… if i am a guest then it could stay the way it is now ( i can use media player for myself, but admin have to “press E” to view what i played )
Sound is not synced at all - everybody have to manually adjust “Steam Client WebHelper” in windows audio…and then manually adjust the media player… again… admin should be able to set up base volume for everybody, and guest change it only for himslef on media player…
When i play Twitch, there is no sound for me… at all…. also some channels have the “only for mature audiences” window which you cannot pass by… Cant you make a deal witch Twitch and let us watch via you acc so we dont get this window?
Spotify would be like the best thing that could happen to media players right now… - again it would need acc for us to go thru…
In Plaza Cinema i cannot play free 1hour + documentary films from youtube… its a shame i can imagine “Documentary Fridays” in theatres which could be awesome… there are lot of free movies out there…

I miss some kind of official events… which would embrace me to do some activities i would not normally do… maybe make an event for a minigame ( “whoever writes the fastest in 30 mins on the server wins 10k units” )

I would really like to whisper to people… there seems to not be any function like this… not even private condo chat or anything…

Ideas for minigames…

  • Card game ( like gwent… )
  • Classic board games room with chess, battleships, Monopoly, Scrabble…
  • Pool / Snooker
  • Darts
  • Bullet hell ( you go into circular room in which there are cannons all around it that shoot stuff on you and you have to dodge, the last man standing wins… maybe move camera to upside view automatically… )
  • I have no idea how to describe it other than - SlideALama from ICQ… ( sorry ICQ i loved you )… bring this back as a new casino game for 2 ppl …

I wont describe minor bugs from minigames as i expect most of them have been reported… if not, i will make bugreport in few months…altho…
Laser Tag - pls give me hit feedback - play me sound when i hit something, also hitting is so hard for some reason ( same with Virus ) -maybe i am just super bad… ( or maybe i just dont know i actually hit ppl? )
Minigolf is awesome but camera is “not great” sometimes…

Good luck with development of this game… again awesome concept… Keep up the good work…

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

We’re very aware of this. We’re working on Workshop playermodels and after that we plan to redo the vanilla player models as they are totally placeholder right now.

I definitely agree. I plan to make a menu tutorial, and we plan to add a tutorial center in the Lobby and Condo to help people when they first start off. It’s a bit hard to make tutorials right now as many things are changing still. In fact, we made a Condo tutorial video and now most of that needs to be updated because you can edit surfaces and lights more.

We definitely plan to make better condo building controls soon! As for the DJ stuff, if you can make an item suggestion on our item suggestion list, we’ll start looking into that item.

Right now the media player only turns on if the players turn it on manually. I do want to make the TVs automatically turn on and off with a client setting to disable that feature. It would certainly help people walking into a room seeing people staring at a blank TV.

We know about the Twitch bugs. Twitch was just recently added to our supported services and the mature issue is something we’re looking into.

We can’t add spotify support, sorry. We do plan to eventually add mouse support to the media players so you can navigate any website.

The theater has limitations because of lack of voteskip, we now have voteskip - so I’m going to be considering removing the 10 minute limit.

Official events are definitely returning! While we don’t have them yet on our Trello, I’ve talked about it and even have some basic ways to start making them come back to the Plaza.

We’re also soon redoing our chat system to add PMs and other features. If you switch to local chat, it’ll be private to your Condo.

The lack of hit sound in Laser Tag is a known bug.

In Minigolf, you can adjust your camera freely by holding right click and rotating your mouse around the ball. You can also zoom in with the mouse wheel. If that doesn’t work for you, you can use WASD to rotate and zoom around the ball.


thank you for answers :slight_smile:


You know, I agree with most of your points.
But playing GQ too much, to the point of having second thoughts and doing it mostly for the units is your own fault IMO. Other activities pay out pretty nicely as well, and even if the devs nerfed GQ payouts, you’d just switch to the second most profitable activity and complain about that one being too OP.


IIRC you can log in to your twitch account via the steam browser, which should then leave you logged in when you try to watch a stream via the In-game media players.

This also works for a Netflix account but if you have any guests in your condo, you’ll be the only person who can watch it.


this entire paragraph made no sense.
EDIT: okay, that kind of makes sense. I’m not sure wether I’d like entering a condo and immediately hearing whatever was on, but Mac’s menu option thing sounds okay. Turn it off by default though.

this would be death as someone would play some one hour cancererous documentary on SJWs.

GQ is not that OP. try some more games and you’ll see some good payouts. Get good at bowling and laser tag and you get very decent payouts.

There is no way to move vertically, however, sometimes if you hit E and snap to grid it will sink stuff slightly into the floor. Also, you can hit V, no clip under, place an object underneath as a base for the height, and place the object onto that object to sink it into the floor.

Yeah, Guess so.

That’s a good idea. For now just steam chat

That’s a user issue, they can set their own volumes. Nothing that can be done really.

These are good ideas!

You can move your camera with WASD or right click mouse and drag.

Sorry if I was a bit harsh on some ideas but you do have a lot of good points and ideas.