My absolutely accurate analogy about the GMod 13 update

I have already kinda mentioned it in a post months ago, but I will explain my analogy in more detail in this thread.

Garry’s Mod 13 update:

  • The playerbase became toxic and was filled with trolls and annoying kids
  • Garry didn’t give a crap
  • The modding community was devastated, everything was broken
  • Tons of good servers/communities died
  • Servers stopped being good and creative, most servers are pretty bad and it is difficult to find a good one
  • Workshop, the new main source of addons and stuff, is filled with junk, the actually good stuff is being sold on scriptfodder => monetization (I am not sure if this already existed before GM13, but I don’t think so.)
  • Communities sabotaging and threatening to DDoS eachother became a normal thing
  • Admins on servers are often either mingy themselves or don’t care
  • Before GM13, people were mostly nice and fun to play with, mingebags and trolls were a vast minority

The situation is slightly better today, but is still quite big.

Collapse of the Soviet Union:

  • Criminality rate skyrocketed, about every second or third person was criminal
  • Yelzin was an alcoholic who doesn’t care that his country is fucked
  • Many industries fell and stopped producing things, even some military arms were no longer being studied and created
  • A lot of companies closed and dissolved
  • No one was making/producing anything good, if anything at all
  • People used the most ridiculous tricks of fishing money out of your pocket for the sake of not starving
  • A majority of the people was cheating in every way possible, even murdering seniors living in their own house/flat to take away their ownership documents and claim that living spot as theirs (incase you were homeless)
  • Cops weren’t getting their salary, so they didn’t do anything about all the crime and chaos at all.
  • Before the collapse, people weren’t being cruel to eachother 24/7, and if someone was, they have been taken care of quickly.

It got better until today, but the situation is still horrible in the post-soviet countries.

=> Garry’s Mod confirmed post-soviet Russia

are you seriously comparing gmod to the fall of an entire government or is it just a bad joke

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Lol, what?

Why not? :V
…wait I think it’s too late to make something like this. Oh well…

I don’t think Gmod 13 is reason to blame for the community becoming more toxic. The more popular something is the more it tends to degrade in quality of community weather that be through respect or contribution.

The only down side of Gmod 13 that i’m aware off is the fact that the sole reason for playing (mods) was destroyed. Its like the whole modding community just fell apart and was put on hold for a few months because Garry wanted to change a few things that he personally didn’t like.

It was just weird. He ruined the content of thousands for some minor changes that in the long run didn’t make all that much of a difference. Aside from Workshop there were no huge changes at all.