Mutant from Unreal Tournament as a game mode for SDNL

I know that SDNL is almost finished, but I obviously mean for this to come in a future update.

Basically, this is a suggestion for adding Mutant from UT2003/2004 as a game mode in SDNL.

Here’s the official in-game description of it from the UT Wiki:

A Mutant game starts out as a free-for-all deathmatch. However, as soon as one player makes a kill, he becomes the Mutant. Everyone else stops fighting (you can’t hurt each other anymore), and guns for the Mutant instead.

Mutants get all (non-super) weapons, lots of ammo, and have invisibility, agility and berserk. However, the Mutant’s health slowly runs down and can only be replenished by killing other players. Also, the Mutant’s position appears on everyone else’s HUD. If a player kills the Mutant, they become the new Mutant.

As an optional twist, the player with the lowest score is the Bottom Feeder — he can also go kill other players to score points. As soon as the Bottom Feeder’s score isn’t the lowest, a new player becomes the Bottom Feeder.

While I haven’t been an SDNL fan initially, I think this would be an amazing idea! Sad you got so little votes and no more responses though, so here, take my vote.

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