Music system

It would be nice if we could buy or get through xp acquisition (buying is preferable) a headset/radio system that you can equip and listen to your own music through it as you run around on plaza or play games. However the real goal would be to have a system that utilize the ability to listen to your own music. Here is how it should be done:

  1. You pick a music device or even a screen. Press Q to load and then load music. This option lets you load directly from your hard drive instead from youtube.
  2. You can manually choose a folder from within your hard drive and it will take and play those music from there. OR
  3. The TU game folder will have a designated folder for music to dump that you can play. #2 option is better as it lets you customize where your music files should be.
  • This method is used in game like Euro Truck Simulator so I don’t see why it can’t be done here.
  1. The game can also benefit from directly streaming from random radio stations (similar to Euro Truck Sim 2).

That’s about it. :smiley:

this has been suggested a lot before, but it’d be nice to see this

Unfortunately we’d have to use OGG files and most people have MP3 files.

Would this be possible with in-game music though? For example listening to the Prism theme in the plaza.

In game music would be compatible.


Well maybe we could just have a radio station or something? As I stated, Euro Truck Sim does it very easily. You can even drag and drop files into a folder there and play it. Or heck just stream radio from website. There is something that can be done I am sure. :smiley:

Not sure if it’s helpful, but this guy shows his system for playing MP3 files from his music folder using blueprints, though I’m not sure if it uses custom functions or not since indeed only importing OGG into UE4 seems to work

The video doesn’t show high res content to clearly tell what’s going on there. It also does not show the full tutorial on how to do it.
I don’t think it’s that difficult to do that. It’s going to be a simple coding (which, suffice to say I am not familiar with) that has to just pick the mp3 from a designated folder and play it. Winamp, a very old music player plays just fine. A small software like that built-in the game shouldn’t be that difficult. We are not asking for equalizer, settings, treble, bass and so on. Just drop songs in folder, then play in-game. That UE4 mp3 tutorial is short, unclear but above all else, looks more complicated than it needs to be.
Well at least hopefully the devs will see this and take it into consideration.

Yeah it was more to show that it is possible, since UE4 doesn’t support MP3 files out of the box. But yeah it would be cool to see something like this maybe with the release of the nightclub.

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Now that you’ve mentioned it, nightclub is a place where this would be perfect. Though my OP was about just you having the option to play music. You know, those items that has “processor” next to it as description. Like cooking. We currently have headset-headset stand and such. I was wondering about putting music for yourself so that you could play it and no one would hear but you. But hey we can go from any general direction and take it step up one at a time. :wink: