Music question

One of my favorite parts of Gmtower is its music. Out of all the music that Gmtower has/had to offer was the music that played when you entered the shops in lobby 1. What was the music called? Where did it come from (Source)? I really enjoy the Gmtower soundtrack, as it is very relaxing, and it even brings back memories.

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I believe it’s this song:

If you’re looking for GMT music, you can always check out this thread:


ah shit, i’m too late

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I don’t think it’s the same thing. The music I heard would occur if I was located outside the shops (where minigames would occur), but sometimes it would occur if I was inside of a shop anyway. By the way, I’m talking about Lobby 1, I can’t find it anywhere in Lobby 2.

There is a spotify playlist with all the GMTower music on it.