Museum of Holiday Media (y'know, for Christmas!)

I made this last year, and finished it - like - 15 minutes after the condo contest ended because I’m basically Charlie Brown. But that’s appropriate, because it’s a little museum I made all about Christmas specials/movies/etc. including A Charlie Brown Christmas, so that’s fun. There are also sections dedicated to A Christmas Carol and A Christmas Story, and you can walk around in it and learn stuff and visit Lucy at her Psychiatric Help stand and listen to the oldie timey radio where Little Orphan Annie tells you to drink your Ovaltine and so on and so forth.

Anyway, I’m posting it here cuz it’s neat. Any suggestions for movies/specials/stories you’d like me to feature in the next update, let me know and I’ll be sure to maybe think about adding them or something. I’m half-arsedly working on an It’s A Wonderful Life section and maybe one dedicated to “very special holiday episodes.” They don’t all have to be Christmasssy/wintery stories, either. You want a big virtual installation based on Garfield’s Big Fat Labor Day, let’s do it.