Multiple wearables at once!

Have you ever thought to yourself, man, I really wanna wear my headphones, and my paper crown, or, I wanna wear these aviators, with a cigarette too!

Many of us have wanted to wear multiple cosmetics at once, and with the recent addition of things like the devil horns, and the angel halo, there’s a lot to be desired!

Let’s ask some of our players here to see what they think.

What do you see here? Some looks ready to be served on a gold platter, that’s for sure.

As far as UI goes, it could be as simple as left or right clicking for cosmetic 1 and 2.


With this added, so many looks would be complete, and you could get to mixing and matching more and more cosmetics to see what you could get, or what fits your style!
(and even STEALING other peoples ideas!)

Of course, you won’t be able to see a few of these cosmetics due to their size overlapping, but that just leaves more creativity to the player, and even the workshop editor if multiple offsets are allowed! Want your afro to glow blue? Get that gem crown underneath!

thanks for reading my suggestion, if you think it should be added, pop a vote! if you think it shouldn’t, comment why not!

This would be a great addition, cute drawings too!


I’d like it to be limited to maybe 2 hats, 2 glasses and 2 neck items. I like the idea also of being able to wear 2 wrist items, one for each arm. Though I draw the line at Waist items, just looks silly. These drawings are adorable btw.


If it weren’t for the fact that we have tails and floating melons, i’d agree with the waist one, but I wanna wear a tail and have my tube!

I really like this idea, but I think this kind of thing relies on custom metadata (Specifically on the client side) a bit (i.e. the ability to move around the exact position of accessories), I suppose they could have preset positions for every single accessory combination, but that’s a lot (Especially taking into account Workshop models).

And on the idea of custom metadata itself, it’s obviously a very appealing idea with Workshop models needing some slight adjustments, but based on a conversation with Mac recently, although it’s not impossible, it would be quite the thing to implement, and might be taxing to Workshop’s already significant effect on performance.

I really like this though, and I feel like this would be something to make accessories much more appealing and worth buying. Hopefully we see this implemented!

(Also, like everyone else said, your drawings rule)

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with the workshop metadata, it’s simply an idea, everyone has been asking for individual hat metadata for a long long time, and while it’d be just a tiny bit limiting, a model you uploaded yourself could totally have say, the offset for the gem crown set waaay high so it’d sit on top of your top hat or something, rather than a million different offsets for each item combo.

but, even without custom metadata, things like bunny ears + hats, headphones + crowns, cigars + glasses, bow + necklace, ect, would be amazing to have!


I’ve been thinking about this ever since they added the cigarette. Look at this, they’re sitting right next to each other, mocking me.



And while we’re at it, it probably wouldn’t hurt for pool tubes to become their own category at some point. It’s a little silly how you have to sift through 40-ish of them for the non-tube items when they’re dramatically different in design AND function from the other waist items


defo agree! pool tubes should also be toggle-able, so if you grab one from the rack you can choose like which design you want maybe


I agree that some items should be combine-able, for example the new Halo doesn’t affect most hats and could easily be an equippable, or as suggested be worn amongst other wearables.

The Devil Horns and plenty others could easily be worn together too, but perhaps not everything should be combined since it would be silly, everything should be as customise-able as it can without creating crazy clipping.

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Cute art! Also while I do agree and I want this, I wonder if and how much it’ll have an impact on performance. Since already having too many players already starts to lag the game enough.

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The lag when there are too many players in the server is actually an Unreal bug / limitation since 4.18 (which is what version we are on). 4.19 and on have implemented fixes from Fortnite which resolve it. Before Fortnite, Unreal designed their netcode around a small server of like 30 players and they never optimized their networking. There’s an insanely stupid networking issue in 4.18 which just cripples the server. We are making efforts to upgrade the engine. And of course in the Halloween update we found out we reached a max collision limit for dedicated servers which caused players to walk through doors and fail to interact with stores. The patch we did resolved it, but the limitation was just discovered.

Anyways, in theory, having multiple wearables should not be an extreme performance issue, but if you have wearables that have eventually custom colors and offsets then it could become an issue due to networking. Even more so if we try to raise the player counts.

Concerning rendering, 50 players x 8 wearables is around 400 models that have to be rendered. We’d definitely need to scale out certain hat effects or really reduce any of those at that point. Of course that would require all 50 players to be near you as we don’t render hats if they are far from you.

I do like the idea and I think having some of the hats be combined would be interesting. Just gotta figure out a few technical challenges.


Uuuh, don’t you think this should be your main priority right now? I mean, you’re game is solely based around multiplayer, so having an outdated engine which badly makes it work is big trouble for you. This is something you’re whole team should be working on, rather than Arcade and other updates which can definitely wait in this situation.


Why not adding a third hat category that is not “glasses” or “hats”?
Ex: “Above the head” = Angel Halo

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The thing is there has been a lot of noise from people who really want more content so it’s not hard to see why the dev team have been focusing on things like the Arcade or game modes. I definitely think after the arcade it would be a good time to attempt an engine upgrade but I can’t imagine just how much work that is. It’s a really huge undertaking and lots of stuff will likely break and have to be rebuilt.

An engine update really isn’t trivial.


I’ve stated in that post that we are making efforts to upgrade the engine. We are looking at migrating to 4.19 right now (progress has already begun). It’s not trivial and it will break a lot of stuff, but we are focused on it at the moment. Other things can still be developed during the upgrade for the time being.