Multiple UVs on objects

It’s me again. I’ve been stuck on this for days now and am having no luck figuring out a solution and was hoping someone here would be able to help.

I’ve run into a bunch of models that I want to import that have multiple UV’s. I set them correctly for each texture and all looks good in the viewport, but when I export it so far every extension I’ve tried it ends up only using one UV for both materials. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or if I even can?

Here’s some screenshots of the problem:

In blender-

How it ends up looking when imported into the game-

I don’t think multiple UV’s are supported yet, hopefully they are in the workshop 2.0 update.
That being said if you can put a download link to the model you’re trying to import i can take a look and see if i can find a work around.

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Yes thank you! Here’s the folder for one of them (the motherboard from the screenshots)

The rest I’m struggling with are very similar, if not the same deal. Fingers crossed for 2.0!

Ok didnt take too long to work out, followed the process of this video and applied it to the object you’re trying to import.

As you can see it just uses 1 UV map now and imports fine, if you have any questions i’ll try and answer but i think the video explains it pretty well already.


I can’t thank you enough, it seems so obvious now as well after seeing that video! Seriously, thanks, again!