Multiple switchable hotbars

Many MMOs have the option to have multiple hotbars you can switch between:

They act the same (same keys and such), but cycle through different items.

Given the increasing numbers of equippables, such as condo tools, the hotbar gets cluttered with “necessary” items, leaving little room for “fun” items:

Adding switchable hotbars would allow for greater use of “fun” items without having to drag items every time you want to use things. Preferably, they’d also be switchable with keybinds (e.g. f1 for hotbar 1, f2 for hotbar 2, etc.)

Some bonus hotbar suggestions that I made a while ago, (Multiple switchable hotbars wasn’t one of them) :slight_smile:

because there’s lots of things that should be done to the hotbar as they’re very messy.

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