Multiple Answer Questions

Hey all,I would like to suggest a new type of question that could improve the diversity of questions submitted to opentdb. I would like for you to add Multiple Answer Questions. In a nutshell, these are questions like the ones on tests where you have to check 2-3 boxes to get an answer right. These would have 6 answer inputs; 2 or 3 correct answers at the top (depending on the setting the user chose) and 3-4 wrong answers.

Please give me feedback on how this would work or fail!
Thanks for reading!

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That should go to suggestions

(sry, i’m not regular so i can’t move it)

As it is about the Open Trivia DB, it should stay in the OpenTriviaDB category.

Thanks for the suggestion! As neat as it is, I don’t see the need for questions that have 3 correct answers and 3 incorrect answers in Tower Unite Trivia.