I love this project, but I keep wondering if this game will have more than one language. There will be multilanguage in this game (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, etc…)? :smiley:

If not there’s workshop

well this game still would need translation because it’s very unique in it’s kind, everyone around the planet should be able to play it without trouble of understanding uwu

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I guess we should do a campaign where we collect a bunch of people from all over the world to translate the game into different languages, kinda like Steam with its translation program.
If this actually happened, I’d be willing to participate :grinning:

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Yeah, I’d be willing to participate too If I can :wink:

I think it’s very important for a game to be available in other languages, especially since Tower Unite seems to have quite a diverse pool. At least some of the most spoken, like Spanish, German, French, etc.

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Yeah, I’m agree

We’re gonna be using after we get out on Early Access.


Oh boy, that looks nice! I’ll definitely sign up for German once this is out.

Although I’m not THAT good at translation, I gotta admit :stuck_out_tongue:

Also hey 666th post

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Any date? (for Release Acess?)

I hope you’ll add support for non-standart letters.
We have ˇ and ´ here, which you put over “normal” letters… like č, ř, š, etc…
Other languages have their own specialized characters, which my keyboard can’t type, sadly.

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Like “ñ” in Spain

They guess the Early Access will be released in April 2016

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I remember a system like this on PlugDJ (music streaming platform). Before Plug died I used to translate most of the site to Dutch and French. I would love to participate in the translation of Tower Unite too. And I very much encourage and appreciate the use of such a system. :slight_smile:

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If multi language confirmed, I can participate in Korean.
Tower Unite (타워 유나이트)

I’m doing a Language University to master English, and I’m French, If everything goes well, I may translate the site in French for you :3 (at least participate)

me too! yay! 2 frenches (+ @Spaghetti if he can really translate english to french) will translate to your french community! :slight_smile: