Multi-version Condo Selector?

Over the years, a number of my friends have stopped playing this game and cursed the devs.


Problem: Sweeping changes to condo maps that completely destroy months of painstaking arrangement of objects, condo puzzle games, and art pieces.

Solution: Just put in older versions of the condo maps (like House and Suite) and add a selector for which version they’d like to use.

Obviously I don’t know the inner workings of your software, but from my working knowledge of game development, this should be extremely simple to implement in a hotfix. Unless you’ve coded yourselves into a labyrinthian wasteland of disorganized mire, I can’t imagine it being harder than snatching the old maps from a previous version, slapping them in, and changing a bit of UI code.

Simple solution for a major problem that’s driven away a number of friends that have spent unimaginable amounts of time and effort designing their condos. PixelTail, plzx fix.

EDIT: On top of old maps and UI code, you’d also have to make it apply the same condo contents no matter which version you select, but that’s probably not too hard either.

Have condo changes really been that dramatic? I know the recent one to the default condo messed with some, but other than that?


The only condo update that could’ve done this is the recent Default Condo update.
They’re very careful with the changes they make to the condo maps to AVOID breaking player creations

I imagine if your map is getting broken on other condos it’s probably bug fixes? and issues that should not have existed to begin with but are being integrated into the condo build.


When they altered the maps to block off the entrances to the other apartments on Suite and added a basement to House.

those changes to the house were made forever ago and they were also made very soon after house was originally released, and in suite the entrances to the other apartments were always blocked no?