Mulligans (Minigolf)

As many people know, there is a golf term called a “Mulligan” where you essentially act as if the shot you just took did not count. I feel like this might be something that could be added to Minigolf. I’d say that the player has some amount (let’s say three) of mulligans they can use at any time during the game. It’s obviously not necessary, but some people might find it handy if a shot goes horribly awry. Of course, mulligans might make the game a bit less fun by removing some of the risk of going for shortcuts and difficult holes-in-one. I’m not sure if it would be a good idea to implement, but I figured I might as well post it just to see what people think.

  • Mulligans are a necessity!
  • I’d be happy to see this feature.
  • I don’t really care one way or the other.
  • Minigolf would be best without it.
  • It would only ruin the game!

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I’d only like it if you had to reset no matter what.

As in, you’d have to specify that the following shot was a Mulligan, and no matter what that result was, it’d reset you. Probably only 1 every 4 holes or something like that.

As more of an “Simulation” putt.

Even then though, this would have to be a Game Mode Modifier, where individual servers/games can turn it on or off as they please.


What Caboose said, also not all holes should have mulligans, only the ones with risky shortcuts.

This is a pretty good idea, but as Caboose is suggesting there would need to be a limit, for instance 6 throughout the entire round and you can use them at any time but once they are used up, they are used up and it will also in my opinion add a layer of strategy to the round which would promote friendly competition.

I’m really torn on this. One the one hand, mulligans are a thing, but on the other hand, sometimes it’s totally hilarious to see a shot go horribly wrong.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this, but I kinda feel like a shot you take should count no matter what. If you screw up trying something risky, then you screwed up. Take your penalty and try again. If something like this was available, risky shortcuts wouldn’t be risky.

The real rule for mulligans is one per 9 holes.

I don’t think we’ll be adding this in the original gameplay, but it could show up as a mutator.


I’d much rather have a practice shot. It would only be able to be used if you haven’t made your first shot on that hole.

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I like that idea! Like how real golfers practice their shots and calculate the ball’s trajectory. But I don’t think it should only be once per hole. I don’t see the harm in it being available for every shot. Perhaps the practice shot could be a ghost-like ball that’s only rendered client-side to save on server resources.

The ball simulation would be cheaty as fuck.