Muffle sound from other machines while playing a game

The sounds from the machines in the arcade can get kind of overwhelming, and at times (especially when someone nearby is playing the same game as me) I can get confused on what sounds are coming from my machine and what’s in the background.

It’d help a ton if sound from other machines was muffled and quieted down while playing a game so that it’s clear what’s coming from your machine. Also it’s like immersion like your’e focusing on the game whoaa

Honestly can we just have a setting that makes the Wheel of Fire guy shut his mouth? Also, the planetary piano songs have driven me to insanity.

Agreed although most games don’t really need you to focus on the sounds to play. On the other hand, have you ever sat up where the billards tables are? It’s awfully quiet in there, pretty eerie without music on the TV.

Agreed. I know the purpose but I can’t stand that dude.

i thought this already was a feature …