MS Paint Game

Simple idea, simple rules.

1. Draw what the person above you suggests in MS Paint.
2. Leave a suggestion under your art for the next person.

You can make it as RANDOM as you like, as you’ll see when I start it off;

Here is Homer Simpson in Space finding out the Moon isn’t made out of Cheese.

I would like the next person to draw The Queen of England riding a Bear in the Forest.

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In a way similar to the thread where we were all making edits to the previously posted picture, I think there should be a rule on this thread that you must make a post saying you’re working on the next image.
You can then edit it once you’re done, and others know not to waste time working on the same thing, only to have someone else post it first. :smiley_cat:

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i don’t know if i even own paint, i do, good

did i do good

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No you didn’t because you didn’t even follow the rules!

SO GOOD! 10/10 :sunglasses:

I’ll suggest something then (I can’t draw): Sanic trying to run through peanut butter and Mario sitting on Sonic’s back while Mario holds up a small bag of “sugar”…

Well… I have the image - the sugar part

Draw a huge cock rocket flying into Zeldas eye hole (Eye hole from rick and morty)

oops, yeah 1. i sometimes don’t follow the rules and 2. i was so much into the drawing part that i forgot the things

In case you missed the edit

You mean These eyeholes?