Moving GMTower data to a separate account that has tower unite

So basically I have my gmod tower stuff on one account and the tower unite early access on another. Is it possible to convert the items from the account that has my gmod tower progress and put it on the one that has the tower unite early access?

Now you might be thinking “Why don’t you just trade the items between the accounts?” well first not all items are tradable/sellable such as achievement items or hats/masks and second that would be a pain in the butt.
Here are the steam community profiles in case you were wondering.

The account with the gmod tower items:

The account with the tower unite beta:

If it is not possible then please tell me as soon as possible so that I can quickly trade the items and just deal with not being able to trade the untradable items. However if it is possible to do then that is fantastic!

Also the account with my GMTower data will never even own tower unite so if the data is not moved then the items will be lost forever…

I imagine @macdguy could help move your GMTower data to another account.
Send him a PM on here, and I’ll drop him a message on Steam.


He still hasn’t replied…

Bearing in mind he’s quite busy. Try waiting up to a week before panicking. :smiley_cat:

1 week later…



Pinging @macdguy!

Another week later…


Normally I’d advise against such since he’s busy… but I think at this point it’d be best to add him on Steam and get his attention there.

5 days later…

He declined…

That’s a bit odd.
I’ll try and get in contact with Zak when I next see him online, and point him over here, too.

Hi, I’ll move it for you finally.

Edit: Everything was moved.

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Thank you SO much! I’m sorry if I came off as impatient or rushed. I was just worried that it may not be possible or you didn’t see my request.

Thank you again!

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Nah you didn’t come off as impatient. Often times I prefer constantly being bugged so I don’t forget. There’s a lot that goes on and things can be ignored even when they shouldn’t be.


Glad this all got sorted in the end. Thanks for helping him out, @macdguy!