Movies Thread

Have a movie you want to talk about? Rant here!

To start off: have you guys seen The Iron Giant? It’s one of my favorite movies and one of the few movies that made me legitimately cry. If you haven’t seen it, you seriously need to.

Love the movie. Did you know there was a deleted scene that was going to explain the Giants backstory, and Brad Bird really wanted to put it in the movie, but there wasn’t time.

There are actually a whole bunch of deleted scenes from that movie that I didn’t know about:

I do not believe I’ve ever heard anything about that. Have you watched the DVD commentary? That’s worth a watch; I learned a lot about how the movie was made from it.

I for some reason own 2 The Iron Giant discs. I liked the movie, and cried while watching the last few times I watched it. Like the post if you cri everytime time… :pensive:

Everybody raves about it, but I have not seen The Iron Giant.

My favorite movie is a tie between Downfall and Donnie Darko, with the former being an extremely well put together exposition on the last days of Adolf Hitler and his inner circle, and the latter a very emotional story about a main character whom I often agree with.

Okay Okay has anyone seen Bridge to Terrabithia? cause that movie was so well done

Hmm. Let’s see. If anyone has Netflix and hasn’t seen Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal, you need to see it. Actually, check it out regardless of Netflix status. It’s a great neo-crime thriller and is very dark.

And no, it has nothing to do with the X-Men character.

Well, I recently got to watch Secret of Kells after wanting to see it since like, 2009. I reccomend watching it, as well as Atlantis: The Lost Empire and The Last Unicorn.

You should definitely watch Atlantis if you haven’t seen it yet, with Secret of Kells as a close second. Didn’t like The Last Unicorn that much, but that’s probably because there’s a lot of 80’s humour that I don’t understand in it.

I also got roped into watching the new Fantastic Four movie by my friends. Don’t watch it. Seriously.


Well I just got back from seeing “Southpaw”. I gave it a 8.5/10 since the beginning was slow, but the ending made up for it!