Movie Night for Saturday

I’ve been thinking recently about my condo in Tower Unite and made a choice to make a movie night for my condo closing and halloween. To anyone not familiar with topic: I was building for long time a condo that was basically a house made of canvas cubes (currently counting ~1303 canvas cubes used) and didn’t finish work on it.

Minish’s Spooky Movie Night:

Topic: Halloween / Anime
Movies: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (Special for Halloween), Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime, English Dubbing) and Wangan Midnight The Movie (Movie based on Anime, Racing)
Schedule: Starting at 6 PM CEST, ends with last movie ending unless an unexpected action would play it’s role. Movies should play in order as announced, unless most people would come later.

Movies will be played in mini Movie Theatre prepared by me (downstairs, straight to big entrance) here:

For any more details, ask me personally. I’ll be more active in-game during this Friday and Saturday.


way too dark but still it looks good