Movie Night (Every Sunday 3pm GMT)

I’ve had this idea for a while, but I think now I’m going to commit to it:

Next Saturday at 8:00pm (UTC+1), I’m going to open my condo up for visitors. At 8:25pm, movie night will begin, the movie I’ve decided to show is Coraline, a spooky modern classic.

If any of you are interested in this, let me know in this thread or in the TU:UK discord!

I’m curious to see if people like this idea, if not then whatever but hey might as well try.


@EdgyLikeACircle has been doing a Tower Unite Movie Night on Sundays, 5PM GMT / 4PM British / 11 AM Eastern / 8 AM Pacific.

We vote on movies every week if you want to join us!

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This movie night will now be hosted by the guys and gals over at Tower Unite Movie Night. Join their discord here:

Every week they vote on a movie and show it on Sundays at 3pm GMT / 4pm BST. I will announce what movie is chosen for tomorrow’s showing and the showing next week.

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This week, Night of the Living Dead was chosen! The movie will be showing in 20 mins. If you’re interested, be sure to join the Tower Unite Movie Night discord!

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Today at 5PM GMT, Devil’s Hand is being shown by the guys over at Tower Unite Movie Night! Be sure to check their discord for more details!

This is going to be the last update regarding the movie nights, however they will continue, so be sure to check the discords linked for details!

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