Movers PAUSE and Save Snapshot Tests

Ive heard a few times over the past several days from people to try PAUSING the Movers upon exiting the condo.

So I decided since its Friday and we got no fix for the movers to be fine upon save in their current state to go ahead and set up a test run. I opened the Art Studio and here’s what I did.

I placed 3 canvas items in a group connected them to a (mover path) set auto start on. I set 3 more canvas items and grouped them and set them to a mover SPIN.

I then set up three condo I/O buttons one START one STOP one PAUSE. I set both movers to all three buttons to be controlled by them.

So start to start stop to stop Pause to stop action in progress on both.

Then I saved a new Snapshot and called it PausemoversTest2. I then Exited condo, loaded the condo, went back in and the movers were still paused but START NOR STOP worked to make them move and as usual their offset settings to move the movers grouped items did absolutely nothing. Meaning the movers were broken.

TEST 2 would yield very different results but only for one mode (SPIN) on a simple Mover.

I repeated the Test after I deleted both movers and placed a mover path and connected it to the first group of three then set a SIMPLE MOVER on the other Group of three items and set the buttons this time to

START ,(PAUSE SPIN), (RESUME SPIN), and Normal Resume for the the normal Pause for the mover path . I then Paused the movers and saved a New Snapshot went back in, loaded the snapshot that I saved this time around and now the one set to (PAUSE SPIN) that had paused when I left… is actually on and NO LONGER PAUSED
So the PAUSE SPIN command did not carry over to the next loading of the save but somehow still used the SPIN command…

HOWEVER …the one I had set to normal pause and normal Resume is completely Broken and unresponsive in the Offset settings again just like the first test.

Here are the tests files for anyone that would like to like at them.
Im uploading them to File io.

This link contains both simple test 2 and simple test 3 Enter the Art Studio go down stairs.

Youll find a Cube with a Cyliinder and and sphere ontop of it that is grouped.
Youll also see a Cylinder with a Hemisphere cap and two small blades grouped each
group of 3 items is connected to a mover.

In one save TEST 2 PAUSE was used to pause both in which it did pause them but upon loading the movers were just stuck in pause and were completely unresponsive.

In Test 3 upon loading the Blades though set to Pause Spin continue to spin upon loading of the condo and do not have AUTOSTART ON… The Mover Path of the cubes stack does not function at all. RESUME command does not work and the offset settings are completely unresponsive.

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To clarify, by pausing the movers I’ve always meant the pause button on the top right of the player leaderboard, the function performs a global stop/reset on all movers in a condo and even returns self moved movers to their origin.


Pausing using the Pause IO input or PauseSpin IO input is not designed to save. These are run-time inputs.

Pausing all movers is done with the scoreboard button. However, there should not be any difference saving them paused or unpaused, as when the level loads they will always be unpaused.

If you want a mover to be stopped when the condo is loaded, you will want to uncheck Auto Start.

There looks to be a small logic bug in the mover code that is somehow saving state when it should not, causing it to block the usage of resume and break the offset setting. I’ve been looking into the issues.

Edit: Looks like I’ll also need to add a “Auto Start Spin” option.