Mover linked to house on House Condo (

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Summary of bug here. Mover Connection found going into House on “House” Condo.

My mover path Module wasn’t functioning with my Chinook upon inspection after being advised to check Connections and reconnect them. I took not that some how the mover had connected itself to the inside downstairs Sliding door floor area where most people make that small room their recording studio.

I went inside of the Mover Path and checked connections and all I had hooked up was the Mover to a cylinder which was on the bottom of my Chinook Helicopter and a trigger to change the Duration in the Mover path.

Then I had a connection of which it showed as if it was connected to something but there was no name of what it was and removing that box which I thought was the house in connections, did not disconnect the connection going into the house.

Keep in mind on this map the only built was my Helicopter of about 500 pieces and two signs consisting of a Canvas item to host floating text and a trigger at spawn.
As well as a bout 3 canvas items shoved under neath the map which hosted images of the chinook so that I could build it.

NOTHING WAS PLACED IN THE HOUSE. In fact the only time I even entered the house was to lock the doors to try make sure everyone came to the side of the house where the Helicopter was. I was able to lock the front door thats all. No connections were ever made to the house either.

I was not able to see the connection here in the mover NOR was I able to disconnect the connection or access the item it was attached to and see it connected to anything.

Here’s an image of inside of the mover path module.

Heres an image showing the connection going into the house that is 100% coming from the mover Path module.

The connections you see going to the right are to the Nodes themselves.
The Two Connections you see that are crossing over the one connected to the house are to the Trigger placed at the spawn in front of the house.

Here is an image of the connection and its location inside the house.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated! I added pictures to show what happened however I dont know that I can reproduce it as of yet.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior. The mover connection should not connect to the house or anything unless you intentionally connect it… AND that intentional connection should show under connections tab of the Mover Path module. It should also sever the connection provided that the connection is visible and you hit remove.

The connection should always show in the Module or at least the connected item if I am correct.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

I have no idea how it happened. But it certainly is a high suspicion event as to why the Mover Path Module is failing to work.

I created the Mover path I was able to connect it to the Helicopter and it worked and worked extremely well… I was able to control the left and right of the helicopter even though the Mover module was upside down and needed lots of offset IT WORKED,

I saved the game came back in, loaded the save it was broken. I reloaded the save after trying in vein to rewire connections and change settings After a 3rd loading in the mover path worked again.

I made changes to the Rotor GIF links and I believe that’s all the changes I ever made I saved to show another condo, came back into the House Condo the next day and it was broken again… THIS TIME I FIND IT IS CONNECTED TO THE INSIDE OF THE HOUSE. All saves prior to this one it was not ever connected to the house.

Notes / Media

Other misc. notes about the bug. Picture or videos are appreciated!

This is all POST HOTFIX.

Can you upload a copy of the save for analysis?

Looks like just an invalid connection. It’s not connecting to the house, it’s just pointing to the origin of the map as there is no other valid position to display the connection wire.