Mover Global/Relative Discrepancy Fix

Currently, almost all of the values associated with a simple mover are relative to the mover except for one; the “Move To” axes are currently not relative to the rotation of the calling mover.
Additionally, objects moved by path movers are also currently not offset (both rotation and position) by the rotation of said mover.

I suggest you instead apply these transformations relative to the rotation of their respective movers.

While this isn’t a bug, it seems very weird to me that these properties of the I/O objects are not consistent with their peers. I would also like these features to be relative to the calling mover because it trivializes some aspects of rotating mover-moving-mover creations and would allow me to easily make things such as I/O user controlled canvas cars, 2.5d doomlike mazes, and more.

This image demonstrates the simple mover issue.

And this one shows the same issue as it relates to path movers.