Move dance emotes into their own column

let’s be real, aside from t-pose and dab, dances get used way more than any other emote, so it’d make everyone’s lives a little easier if this…
…were like this.




Especially with us getting new dances soon.

Are you alright?

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I feel like this change would only be justified if the dances were the only ones that played music along with the animation - a change I would really love. Games like TF2 and fortnite do this and I think it’s very welcome.
Without music I think there isn’t enough distinction to justify this change.

i billede with this change

Honestly the whole Emote menu could do with work. No disrespect intended but it’d really benefit from an overhaul to look nicer on the eyes and function a little better


An emote menu revamp is definitely a better option than just prioritizing dances because they’re used more by some people :+1:

As far as dances themselves, we tend not to use them much because they just loop, no real interaction. I know some MMOS would let you change up the dance depending on keystrokes. IE: Pressing left while spooky dancing does a specific set of moves, then pressing right does something else, etc. Instead of just an auto-play.

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