More ways to get more Units

We need more ways to earn units instead of just getting them in the mini games and fishing …
and can we also have a setting that we can gift things to friends too or even gift them money

Units are always meant to be received from playing the game. More ways to get units boils down to more things to do in the game, which the devs are already working on. You could always try for jackpots in the casino if you just want a quick sum of cash.

As for trading I don’t know, but it should be a lot more possible for them now that they’re not on Steams inventory. Maybe we’ll see it in the future. For now if you really need to transfer units to others , you could always buddy up in a 2 player Poker game and lose on purpose to give them the pot.


Trading has already been shot down by the devs many times. That’s not gonna happen. As for Units, there’s already loads of ways to earn them. All of the Gameworlds, Bowling, Laser Tag, Casino, Fishing, the Minigames (I think), Typing Derby. I’m probably forgetting some, but point is, Units are already hilariously easy to come by.