More suggestions of mine that I decided to smush into one big thing

Most of these Ive already glossed over, but im going into detail with these.

Having some kind of way to create books and put them on a bookshelf. Maybe buying a certain type of desk that you can write books on with a little candle and a quill and ink. Then you can put them on bookshelves and make a library where people can read the books you have wrote.

Having NPC’s with side quests that reward you with money for finding certain things. Or some reward you with unique furniture that has special properties. Maybe make a main quest where you save the tower somehow? That would be pretty cool, having a main storyline you have to advance in to get money and discover more areas, like maybe you travel away from the tower into a city, or a desert to do some of the quests.

References and easter eggs are a fun way to pass the time and you feel accomplished when you find them. Be sure to add bunches of them.

PvP battle is fun, but I want something realistic. How about something like the battle royale mode in arma 3? Where everybody gets air dropped and you have huge 32 on 32 player fights where you stalk people and have sniper battles? maybe not such as big because that would be a huge amount of space but still, I want realism.

impromptu card games, so you can invite someone to play some war with you in the plaza, or blackjack.

Make it so when it is actually wintertime, it snows? before they had snow, but you never saw it falling. I want a winter wonderland, dammit!

Board games in your house, so not just tic tac toe or checkers. What about playing monopoly, or chess? That would be super fun and an easy way to pass the time.

One word. Lasertag. I wanted PVP inside of condos, but what if you could have a lasertag condo arena? Dodging lasers and having laser sentries would be badass.

I just wanted to point out that the game world as it is right now, is NOT headed to realism as PVP Battle wasn’t either. They’re two different playstyles and I would love to see both of them, but I wouldn’t like to lose the non-realistic PVP-battle in favour of a realistic, warlike gamemode. We have plenty of them out there, but PVP Battle felt kind of… unique.

I would love a quest giver in TU. It would give more reason for someone to try out a gamemode or play it again or it can give something to do for a Unit reward. I would love more ways to make money than grind through gamemodes endlessly. They could also have a daily objective thing like in GTA Online, the more often you complete daily objectives the more money you get.

I would enjoy a small reward for easter egg hunting. A small Unit reward. Something to do while waiting for the queue to fill up.

Seasonal changes to the Lobby would be really nice, adds a feeling of immersion and depth to the game.

I feel like the book thing would be depreciated as I rarely want to sit and read things in game. I’m sure others will feels the same.

The 2 PvP playstyles would be nice to see, I love the Unreal Tournament 2004 feel to it and I also love other playstyles such as Counter-Strike.

Mac confirmed there will be oodles of easter eggs littered around Tower.

Snow - I like it.

More condo games - Love it.

Laser tag - Absolutely has to be a feature of the arcade. No question :smiley: . I believe it has been suggested before but I can’t remember.

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Well Hasbro company own monopoly board game.

Well of course it would have to be some kind of reference to monopoly, it wouldnt be exactly the same

skyrim had books in it that people would read.

This is relevant.

With that book idea, maybe you could import .epub files so you can actually read your own actual books? Kinda pointless, but still…

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