More settings for Modding Models

I am a person with very bad internet. So games that run custom player models that can be loaded in anytime really hurt my game experience. Such as VRCHAT. When the models are having to load in, my internet starts downloading all at once. I am living in a place that doesnt have better internet. I know that you have a setting to turn it off, but I feel like another option to only turn off others and not my own. I want to still see mine, just not others. It would keep it where i can experience one model (My own) but not have to load others.

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I’d love something like this too. Being able to set it to load your friend’s models would be good, as well.


There is a thing like this in the game for canvasses, where you can set it to auto-blacklist and select who you trust, then you only load canvasses from the people you trust, so then this for workshop is pretty similar.

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