More outdoor activities

More outdoor activities like BMX Bike, Skateboarding, surfing, skydiving etc.

You getting the small amount of unit from successfully doing the tricks.

also, make scuba diving and finding hidden treasures in the ocean.

scuba diving and more ocean activities will most likely be added in the ocean expansion update which IIRC will be released after the game hits version 1.0.

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Nah. On the Trello, it’s currently slated for early access release

I actually love this idea, you should be able to use the items in condos and they should give us tools to make a course for things like snowboarding, etc

i like the idea of just being able to skateboard within the game. should be an item player models can ride on as an equippable item at least and the actual activity is up to devs on your presented idea^

add a skating park where you can do tony hawk’s pro skater tricks and get units for em

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maybe games like tennis, basketball ?! in the plaza i would have so many ideas for this game lol

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