More NPC Poses


There’s only so many times I can use the ‘waiting’ pose.

Maybe there could be more poses aimed towards leaning on different types of furnature? Like the normal sitting pose, but instead leaning on their elbows with head in hands - or a verticle version of the laid back pose.

Feel free to comment further suggestions.

Maybe they could do emotes that require other items as well, like dribbling a basketball, or downing an entire bottle of Kentucky Fried Whiskey (in moderation of course).

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True, I was thinking a pose of smoking a cigar would be pretty neat too - especially for wild west builds.

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That would be cool

Hover Pose

it’s literally just pressing V

I rebound noclip oof

If the condos have restaurant, can the NPC cook?

I agree with you, there isnt that much poses an npc can do. I say it would be nice for the community to add differnt animations to the npc via workshop but that is just a thought.

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Honestly, I don’t know why all the NPCs don’t at least have access to all the emote animations that players have. Having a few extras for idle poses would be nice, too


NPCs having access to all the emotes and also being able to select a specific frame of that animation the NPC starts on would be cool. So if you have some dancing NPCs, they won’t look as robotic with their perfectly synced movements. Also, being able to change the emote speed. If you wanted a t-posing NPC you could do select that emote and then freeze it on the frame so it doesn’t do the spin, or you can make it look like NPCs are frozen in time without them all be in the same exact frame of the pose they’re doing.