More mods and staff on more often?

It would be great if you could add more moderators and stuff to be on more often, since on the TV’s i’ve seen bad stuff. For example nudity and people killing each other et.c. Since there is many kids around 10-15 years old they should’t really see this. So it would be good if you could somehow add more people who has the power to auto skip them.

Isn’t there a feature to ‘thumb down’ videos so they can be removed from the watch list?

There is but if there’s like 20 people in the room only like 7 of them will press cause many dosen’t know about that feature and some dosen’t care.

Thats what parental controls are for

I don’t really think it’s feasible to have mods just sitting in the theatre unless they implement player mods.
I think when community owned dedicated servers become more popular it should resolve this issue.