More media formats for Media Player?

I know this question has probably been asked multiple times before, but I wanted to hear it for myself. Was there any support for more media players before? Is there plans to add more support in the future? It would be nice to watch actual movies in the theater instead of just short youtube videos. All I’m asking about is something like Dropbox support, or even being able to watch things from websites directly, like 9anime or twitch something.


Used to be that you could watch any .mp4 and .webm files on the media player, if I recall correctly. I know webm for sure was supported a number of years ago.


The devs have stated before that they will not allow the media player to play videos from pirate websites


Ah I see, but it really is a shame there’s no way to play mp4’s other than the ones off Youtube. Dropbox support or any webm or mp4 files like Gurmble said would be a really, really nice addition.

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