More Machines

It would be awesome to see more slot machines and just other ways of gambling. I’ve seen some good ideas like a Pachinko machine, or scratch off tickets, or other high stakes machines, which would all be cool, but I would also love to see more unique slot machines or slot machine variants. We currently have basic (Triple Diamonds), RNG Heavy (Wheel of Money), And incredibly easy (Grand Quest). I would love to see more unique slot machines, or Variants of the Triple Diamonds slot machine which mostly look different but still give the same payouts. It might seem needless, but it would help the casino feel more full.

An Idea I had for a sort of reskinned slot machine has to do with different Gemstones, where the more valuable the gemstone actually is, the more it would pay out. Just a fun little idea, even if it is somewhat similar to Triple Diamonds due to… Diamonds.

I wish I had more ideas for these kinds of slot machines, but its not exactly my place to come up with new machines for the game, is it?

We have a few machines in mind, but we haven’t yet scheduled a Casino update.