More Instruments

I have out alot of effort into song making with the drums and piano which are easy instruments. I think we should have a little more.

Here is in my opnion what we need:

A bass guitar
Some kind of horn which I think a trumpet.
Ukulele love the sounds of those things.
Violen or something like that.
anything else you guys want.


I second the ukulele request!

An accordion.

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How about bagpipes?


My suggestions to be added to this list, the triangle. Also, a bag pipe.

We have a megathread for items.

The Muffin…

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oh i won’t even answer


link wtf are you doing here

what? i’m on here a lot

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Soooo which one is it… the one from your childhood friend, or the one from the princess, or both?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They’ve mentioned they wanted to do a playable Guitar, but they haven’t mentioned what kind of Guitar it would be. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i think a bass guitar might be coming becouse i see them laying around the instrumental shop :slight_smile:

I think an harmonica could be a good choice of instrument. Maybe an ocarina too, if you want to play Zelda tunes.

If you could play some instruments everywhere in the plaza, that would be cool!

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Portable instruments would be amazing, especially if you could autoplay tunes (such as those in a .MIDI or .ABC format, although those formats appear to be convertible between eachother). Obviously portable instruments shouldn’t be playable within the movie theatres, as it can annoy people watching videos.

Kazoo ftw