More Haunted Painting Customization

Since it seems the Haunted Painting is getting fixed (Thank Goodness!) I think now might be a good time to suggest this.

I’ve always enjoyed the concept of the Haunted Painting. But one thing that always bugged me about it was it’s lack of customization. Only things you could change were the two images it would fade between.

I think the Haunted Painting should have some extra options to make it more versatile:

Close Image Distance: The distance at which the painting has fully faded to it’s close image. The bigger the fade distance, the farther away the painting will look entirely like it’s close image. Think of it like the sound emitter’s “Range” setting.

Fall Off: The range at which the far image fades into the close image. When outside of the Fall Off range, the painting will always appear as the far image. Works just like the Sound Emitter’s setting of the same name.

The Haunted Painting should also have the same spherical indicator things as the sound emitter, to help the builder visualize what they are doing, without having them have to move around a bunch to test.