More frequent smaller updates

Instead of holding back features for weeks/months why not release more frequent smaller updates with the changes that are ready?
“Improved Game World Map Select” was listed as done 2 months ago. “Endless Poker” was mostly done a month ago. “Condo fixes” was done in July. It would be good to have maybe a fortnightly update with any minor fixes and changes updates like this, instead of holding them back to do a larger update of fixes.

I’m not suggesting this replace major updates like the upcoming Arcade update (which is looking great). Major updates / new features should still be a big deal.

I do agree with this and typically we aim to make our updates smaller and more frequent, but currently we’ve been working behind the scenes on a workshop rewrite. The delay in the update is due to this workshop rewrite that is nearly complete. If we were to ship the smaller features, it would also ship these workshop changes which are currently not ready. We can’t easily branch patches in Unreal, as it often leads to major issues because you cannot merge binary asset files (such as blueprints). On top of that, we’ve been testing the new features and some of them have had a few bugs come up during testing that needed to be resolved. For example, endless poker had like 5 or so major bugs come up and were resolved last week that aren’t listed on the Trello.


That makes sense! Your team is very open with development so seeing a card at 100% makes it look like it’s ready, maybe you could add an “Internal blocking changes” checkpoint to cards impacted in future. That way people would know there’s something holding it back, but what it is can still be secret.