More Doors in Catalogue + Double Doors

It’s been a long time since any new doors were added to the catalogue (technically the last door was added in, but the last normal door was added in, if I’m remembering correctly, it’s been over two years. The currently added doors leave a lot of room for expansion and there’s multiple doors already in the game that could be converted to items in the catalogue.

The catalogue is lacking in sliding and double doors (on top of a general lack of variety) specifically, both of which already have assets in the game. I’ve compiled a list of doors in the game, but not available as Catalogue items. For these I limited it to doors that are at least half modeled (the Office Wooden Door could be made whole by using a Mirror Modifier on the model), have collision already, or already function as doors (opening and closing).
Double doors are a much needed addition to the catalogue. There’s no double doors currently in the catalogue despite there being functional double doors already in the game (in the Casino and two Condos).

Single Doors

Simple Wooden Door (Found in the House Condo)

Office Wooden Door (Found in Basic, Suite, and Art Studio Condos)

Rustic Wooden Door (Found on Lighthouse, can be laid down as a hatch)

Breezy Wooden Door (Found at Fishing and Boat Rentals)

Theatre Door (Found in Theatre)

Lavish Door (Found in Casino)

Reinforced Metal Door (Found in Chainsaw Death Arena)

Secure Metal Door (Found in Dev HQ + Stairwell)

Clinic Door (Found in Virus: Hospital)

Double Doors

Commercial Doors (Found on Celebrations)

Double Theatre Doors (Found in Theatre Condo)

Double Lavish Doors (Found in Casino)

Hospital Doors (Found in Virus: Hospital, a single variant would also be nice)

Sliding Doors

Elevator Doors (Found in Plaza and Highrise Condo)

Sliding Glass Door (Found in House Condo)

Shower Glass Door (Found in Basic Condo)

Airlock Door (Found in Underwater Condo)

Secret Panel (Found in Resort, would be best if Canvas compatible)

Personally I’d really like it if we got an update that adds many items already in the game to the Catalogue (props from Game Worlds and Plaza). Building in the Condo is one of my favourite things to do, and I love having more variety to choose from.


also a casino door item was added to the item list spreadsheet along with a bunch of other things that aren’t doors like a week ago but idk when that’s gonna get added

Where can I find this Spreadsheet?



Agreed! I’ve been frustrated at the lack of door variety for a long time now. All of those would be great to be added to the catalog.

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Big yes please on all double doors.

I would some more door options :o

As of the Villa update, we’re finally getting Double doors (two pairs to be exact). One of which is the Double Bedroom doors. Yay!

Hopefully some more of these get added in the future (particularly more sliding or non-residential doors)