More consistent fish exp gain

The experience I get for catching fish is all over the place. I often get 300 experience for catching a rare fish, but I’ll get 750 experience immediately after for catching my eleventh Clownfish. As fun as the fishing game is, I don’t feel that I’m making consistent progress when it comes to the experience bar.

The amount of experience you gain from catching a fish is based on the catch difficulty in the fishing minigame, which is automatically determined at the start of the minigame.


Oh, I never noticed! If that’s the case, I think it’d be a good idea to introduce baits that change the difficulty of the fish, rather than the rarity or the type.

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That would be an interesting addition, it could make it possible for people to stop the fishing minigame from picking a difficulty setting that they think is too easy for them want a consistent challenge when they try to catch fish.

Said bait could also do the opposite for people that think that certain difficulty levels are too hard.
Said bait could also be used to practice their skills so that they can also catch the fish that get the “hard” and “very hard” difficulty.