More Condo Types, Condo Weather, And some other ideas

So in my wondering around other peoples condos, hanging out and getting drunk on occasions, i asked people what would be cool too see in a new condo update? most people said another water based condo like a yacht or ship.

Another thing is Condo weather and how trees and plant-life are affected by the condo weather as i love to see my lag mess of a condo i would like to see my trees and bushes outside my high rise condo to move with lots of life, i know some trees do, but most of them do not :slight_smile:
A virus map of the TU lobby would be cool or even a ZM Map would be cool!

BTW guy your doing a great job and can’t wait to see more update and new things open, can’t wait for the arcade, that would be a cool thing to see in condos as well is working IMacs and PCS like GMT i know people probably ask this a lot ahha or even working arcade machine for the condos as unlockables for mastering a game in the arcade i don’t know these are just ideas and its your choice to see what you do with them.

  • A fellow player from GMT and TU


I believe workshop is going to tackle condo type requests by making it so people can make their own maps. As for the other stuff… HELL YES!

Sounds like a cool idea, I just want more small condos