More characters?

When version in the Private alpha for steam was released, there were more characters like the infected character from Virus. Are those characters going to transfer over from the private alpha to the early access version?

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I really want this. although virus might get confusing when you have surviviors that look like infected

Poses can make a world of a difference.

You know just like the condo, advanced avatar customization will eventually be implemented?

I’m not so sure about that. If you’ve ever listened to the TF2 developer commentary though, they used distinct silhouettes for visual identification.

Which is kinda my point.

Well, my point is that poses might not be optimal to distinguish infected from similarly looking players, especially when they kind of change a little in animated non-idle states, as opposed to completely different body shapes. In TF2, you’re able to identify a character by his shadow alone.

Personally, I think the body shapes are already too similar to worry about silhouettes for this case (unless we’re talking milk). If you ask me, the gigantic flame is what makes the infected stick out; though it’s not out of the question that it might be confusing to see infected model survivors at a glance. In any case, I agree that silhouettes really are the first thing someone sees.

I could show you a photo of the characters that they added, but i don’t have any photos at the moment. So just watch this video made by Zeeno gamers. And tell me what you think. Thanks. (wait untill 1:46 in the video to see the characters.)