More blank condo types

As much as I love smooth dirt, using snapshots can be rather troublesome, so some more build your own themed condos would be awesome.

New environments could be things like: an Island, forest, ice glacier, underground cave, a not-so-smooth dirt, outer space. (Just naming some ideas from pre-existing assets that are already in the game to make them not take many new assets to make)

Just a thought since there are so many uses for canvas walls and workshop items and the only limit is the places where we can build.

(empty) OCEAN CONDO :heart_eyes_cat:


Agreed. I’d really like if there were a condo like House that’s just a empty lot in a neighborhood, or Underwater with only one platform and satellite condo. Less is more for me.

Maybe such a thing could be feasible with that togglable geometry thing they’re working on.


smooth dirt but it’s only water


This would be awesome. Maybe even a separate menu accessible from the choose condo menu that gives you access to some blank environments with just a natural environment or something? Kinda like this?


I need this in the game


I agree with this! This would be sweet!


Damn thats a really nice looking concept!

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Thanks, it’s fun to mess with TU’s UI sometimes since there’s not a lot of gradients or anything, easy to cut up and edit. I could do a lot more to make it look like the real UI but not much of a point in that lol

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bumping this thread as i like the idea, but here’s how it should be done in my opinion;
smooth dirt should be renamed to “flat land” and be given additional environmental controls, such as specifying a water level, what skybox should be used, and if the ground should be visible or not. this removes the need to have several condos which are just blank canvases and only having one of them instead.

Yeah, you should check out @The_Sink_God’s concept just a bit above for an example of how this could be implemented. I would be down for more controls like skybox options like in your suggestion too. Some combination of both concepts would be ideal in my opinion :slight_smile:

Maybe a good way of merging the two ideas would be the ability to create “template condos” by configuring settings? Similar to something like a character creation screen you see when you first start a game, this would just be a bunch of settings to change the environment’s properties (with some type of preview beside it), and saving the environment preset would put it in that “choose environment” panel I showed in my concept. It’d be more flexible and combine both ideas. Some properties could be (as @expert_plungophone mentioned) ground type/visibility (can be set to water or etc), ground height, skybox, as well as some physical settings like gravity and air resistance to make some interesting physics-based minigames.

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