More bathroom / kitchen items

I have noticed how little bathroom and kitchen items there are, when I was building a condo in art studio I noticed I can’t really make a sink nor shower / bathtub and I was like that’s fine but in the kitchen I couldn’t even have counters and that’s fixable with workshop I thought but these things don’t really have a lot of workshop alternatives. Note : workshop items of showers or bathtubs may exist but are often not good or is solid

2 bathroom sink counter and bathtub items were recently added but yea more furniture would be nice. it’s kind of crazy that there’s not any kind of modular counter item set that you’d actually see in a home kitchen, ive been hoping for something like that but the closest thing to that was a set of counter items that’d fit more in a restaurant or something


Yeah, they don’t fit in that much, I guess the sink can fit in a bathroom but I’m not a fan of the tub. I prefer more options that match you understand probably. Yeah the restaurant things don’t fit in condos

The Villa update brought us one step in the right direction, but we still need more.
I’m glad we got our first home sink (finally) but it’s very specifically a modern bathroom sink and doesn’t mesh in any other setting.

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Yeah only way to change it really is to build a cube around it or something. So yes we need more