More awareness?

This is more to the devs than anything, but do you guys have any plans for reaching audiences outside of Garry’s Mod? I know you already tried contacting YouTubers and gaming news agencies but only DasBoSchitt did a video on it (which helped a lot!) but that still doesn’t make gamers who have never played Gmod aware of this awesome game.

I really hope the IndieGoGo takes off! You have my support.

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We emailed around 40 YouTubers. Only like 5 of them got back to us, and only a few of those helped us out (which we really do appreciate). We also contacted every news agency we could. It seems very difficult to get noticed for Kickstarter campaigns. People don’t really advertise them because there is insecurity on whether it will happen. Generally press will cover successful Kickstarters.

It’s a lot harder than you think to get YouTubers to advertise. Plus not everyone has time to, especially very busy YouTube creators. We will be trying again with IndieGogo.

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I bet a lot also ask for cash too.

Not really, no one asked for cash.

Alright, thanks for answering, Mac!

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