More arcade stuff they can do

I have some idea these developpers can do.

  • Pinball (Objective: Make more points before lose all lifes.)
  • Classic games. (Gmod have some classic games that can fit with the arcade.)
  • Casual Games machines (Exemple: A Streets fighters like.)
  • and some more detail later.

That can be very fun if is got the same to the real games we got in real arcades.

Maybe this idea be useful.

But don’t forget to say whats you think. Is helpful for me and for orthers.

Pinball would be good, but as for classic games it can vary. Licensing issues can cause trouble with that. the casual games wouldn’t be too bad, but I’d leave that up to the workshop instead.

A fighting game is one of the most difficult and time consuming things to make well. Balance takes ages of testing and changing. Wouldn’t be so good for these smaller attractions.


Pinball would be cool to see

what about a punchout-esque fighting game

I’m excited to see what people make on Workshop.